• New site or redesign
  • Use any host
  • Simple, but quality work
  • Multiple client reviews
$350 Details


  • Hosting and maintenance
  • Server and traffic monitoring
  • Regular backups & prompt restoration
  • Simple changes to keep the site current
$35/mo Details


  • Special or ongoing needs
  • Everything from Management
  • Regular content to drive traffic
  • Transparent Pricing
Quote Details

Website Design

Who is this for?

Individual and small businesses in need of a presence on the internet.


An individual website may have your history, your CV, and a blog. A restaurant will need a PDF menu and, hopefully, some nice photos. A photographer will need many photos.


  • Website design with multiple opportunites for feedback.
  • Social media integration through embeds or IFTTT
  • Payment processing through Paypal.
  • Forms (contact form, survey form, etc.)
  • Server hardening to protect your data from attack
  • Website audit to ensure the final product is safe and secure
  • One month of follow-up support to help you get started


  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Custom Widgets


Our websites are simple and robust, so if you have the technical know-how, you can host and maintain your own. We'll provide you with all the files you need to run your site wherever you want to host it.

Otherwise, we're happy to worry about it for you.


A "basic" website costs $300, and that should be plenty for most clients. The exception is if you need us to create content for you: photography, visualization, graphics, logos are all extra.

For larger businesses, organizations, or individual purposes that require specialized support or custom work, we are happy to work with you to design a plan for you.

Even more detail

Still fuzzy? Here's a walkthrough of a project.

Website Management

Who is this for?

People and businesses who want their website to "just work".


  • Domain registration and TLS certificates
  • Hosting and migration
  • Monitoring server logs and site traffic
  • Regular software updates
  • Regular backups and prompt restoration
  • 7-days-a-week emergency support


This is just website management. We're happy to make simple changes to your website to keep it current, but if you need content added regularly, ask us about a business plan.


Updates, server and traffic monitoring, and security audits are all vitally important for a successful website. We have the industry knowledge to ensure that your site will have top-tier protection from a dedicated team.


This tier includes 24/7 emergency support—if your website goes down or you experience another major problem, we will begin fixing it ASAP.


The base price is $25/month and assumes that you have a ".com" domain and need less than 1 GB of RAM to run your site, which is more than sufficient for most purposes. If you need more than this, we will work with you to create a custom plan that best meets your needs. As always, we itemize our invoices so you know exactly where your money's going.


For a small additional monthly cost, we can take control of simple updates of your website, freeing you up to run your business without worry! Talk to us to find out more.

This tier does not include redesign work for the website, though we're happy to make small exceptions for long-time customers.

Business Support

For businesses or organizations with special or ongoing needs.

Who is this for?

This is for businesses whose website is a part of their business, such as an online store, a freelance photographer, a non-profit with regular updates or specific needs, or any person or company needing to drive traffic to their website with regular content.


We can produce graphics, articles, and other content on a schedule you choose.


Business plans include all services in our Management plans.

Social Media

We're also happy to manage associated social media accounts.

Payment and eCommerce

In addition to Paypal, we support solutions such as Stripe and Braintree Direct.


Call or email for a quote. We may subcontract specialized tasks in larger projects, such as lettering art. As always, our invoices are itemized so you know what you're buying.


Changing the website for special events, building a price calculator, establishing and maintaining forums, and other complicated tasks can be discussed as one-off requests that fall outside the tier.

Other Services

Small, Miscellaneous Jobs

Just want a few things fixed? If we designed your website, or it's a small static or Wordpress site, we'll be happy to help you out.

Content Creation

If you need content regularly, you will be better off with a business plan. But you can also order à la cart:

  • Copywriting: $20/500 words, rounded up to nearest hundred words.
  • Data Visualization: $25/hour
  • Wordmark or Simple Logo: $80 each
  • Photo editing: $25/hour
  • Video editing: $25/hour
  • Complex Graphic (banner, animation, etc): $25/hour ($150 minimum)


Not sure about your website's security, performance, or accessibility? Get a second opinion from us. $50/10 pages for our full audit, $30/10 pages for accessibility alone.


Need something done that you don't see here? Get in touch, and we'll see what we can do. We typically charge $25/hourly plus expenses.